TSA Past Papers


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TSA Past Papers

The TSA past papers for the years 2008-2014 are freely available online. However, to save you the trouble of downloading lots of files, we've put them all into one easy-to-access folder for you. Just add the papers to your cart and they'll be emailed to you free of charge automatically.

TSA Past Paper: Worked Solutions

2008 - 2014

Answers to all papers between 2008-2014, to ensure that there won’t be any gaps in your preparation

Detailed Essay Plans

Comprehensive plans for every essay title so you can see what else you could have included

Fully Worked Solutions

Detailed answers to all MCQs so you can see the best ways to approach every question

Sometimes knowing the answer to a question isn't that helpful- you need to know how and why it's the correct answer.

Back in 2014, we had a set of worked explanations for the more recent TSA past papers – these were a big hit and we had lots of requests to make them for every single year. Not being ones to ignore our students, we listened and wrote a book that contained answers to every single past paper.

Written for 2017 Entry, TSA Past Paper: Worked Solutions is the only book devoted to helping you solve past TSA questions.

It contains detailed explanations for every question from 2008 – 2014 as well as comprehensive essay plans for section 2. These solutions contain valuable insight on how to approach difficult questions and also walk you through the most efficient methods for rapidly getting the correct answer. Filled with examples of time saving techniques and score boosting strategies, this is a MUST-BUY for anyone using past papers as part of their TSA preparation.

All Papers and the Ebook is automatically sent electronically after checkout. Paperbacks are posted within 5 working days.

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Customers Reviews

[su_testimonial name=”Tania, 1st Year PPE at Oxford”]Has detailed explanations for every past paper question and comprehensive essay plans. If you find yourself getting stuck on past papers – this is the book for you. [/su_testimonial]
[su_testimonial name=”Jane, parent of successful Oxford applicant “]I got my son this book because he was getting really frustrated with TSA past papers because there were lots of questions where the answer didn’t seem to make sense. He found it really helpful and is now studying Economics at Oxford. [/su_testimonial]
[su_testimonial name=”Jason, 1st Year Economics and Management Student at Oxford”]I really can’t recommend this book enough – it has saved me so many hours puzzling over some extremely tricky TSA questions. It literally has fully worked explanations for every TSA past paper question. A must buy for any TSA applicant. [/su_testimonial]
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Past Papers

2008 – 2014 (Free), None

Worked Solutions to Past Papers

Worked Solutions Ebook Only (£15), Worked Solutions Ebook + Paperback- UK Delivery (£30), Worked Solutions Ebook + Paperback – International Delivery (£40), None